Photographing a New Born- Styles and Types in Dubai

A session of photographing a newborn can be filled both with fun and anxiety. It can broadly be divided into two styles according to the time when it is undertaken and also the amount of time it takes to complete a session.

A Newborn Posed Session- Such a session of photography usually happens when the baby is barely six to ten days old. This is done because initially, a child has more sleeping hours and this gives the photographer ample time to shoot without troubling the baby. In this kind of a session, it is aimed to focus at the beauty of how small a baby is when it is born. It generally includes close ups of small feet, hands and other features of the baby. Such a session can take around three to four hours for completion.
Lifestyle Photography- Such a session is done when the baby has grown a few months and is not very sleepy. It aims at taking much awake shots that depict more natural movements. A lot of props like artificial fur, blankets and toys of the baby are …

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